Vard Offshore AS and Cruise Ventures AS signed a contract for engineering, production, installation and testing of one SeaWalk®.

SeaWalk® is a floating walk way for use by cruise ship passengers as an alternative to tender boats in harbor without possibilities to have cruise vessels alongside a quay.

Key dates:

Date of Contract:                                                  16. November 2015

Start production:                                                  07. December 2015

Final inspection in Brevik:                                   20. April 2016

Installed and delivered in Nynäshamn:            04. May 2016

The period from date of Contract to date for first visit of a cruise vessel in Nyäshamn was short. Stockholm Hamn AB, as the end user, based their investment in the SeaWalk®, mooring arrangement for cruise vessels and shore facilities to be ready for use when first cruise vessel planned to arrive on 10. May.

The project was planned and performed based on close co-operations between Vard Offshore, Vard Brevik, Vard Braila (Romania) and Vard Electro. Detail engineering and prefabrication was performed in Braila. Prefabricated steel was sent by trucks to Brevik for assembly. Logistic and internal transport was performed by Vard Brevik.

Steel production and sandblasting/painting facilities at Vard Brevik was used by Vard Offshore in parallel to other activities at Vard Brevik. The SeaWalk® was produced in 10 pontoons and 10 bridges. All these ware launched after completion and connected at sea. After testing in Brevik the SeaWalk® with parking beams and other equipment was transported to Nynäshamn on a barge.