VARD Engineering Brevik/Gdańsk have made further step in their Liquefied Gas technology expertise.
Responding growing demand for LNG Bunker for ships in (but not limited to) Baltic Area, our colleagues in Poland introduced the revolutionary concept of FLEX LNG Bunkering Barge.
Adoption of all applicable IGC Code, DnV, IMO requirements in early conceptual phase gave the possibility to adopt a number of cost-cutting solutions while the flexibility of the design and operational advantages are maintained.

The barge is prepared for shallow water navigation, has excellent maneuvering abilities and offers outstanding bridge visibility during navigation, mooring and bunkering operations.
The primary setup assumes cargo stored in type-C tank of 500 m3, but the concept can be flexibly adopted to different volumes from 250 to 5000 m3 with either type-C (for smaller Vessels), or VARD/ Brevik Technology type-B tanks for larger amounts of cargo, opening possibility for even more economical construction.

Technical data of Primal Vessel:
• LNG Bunker Tank – 500m3 type C – 7,5 Bar(g)
• Holding time – min. 30 days
• Discharge rate – 200 m3/h
• Operational Speed – 10kn
• Range – 500Nm
Construction cost of Barge 500m3 in Poland has been evaluated to 9-10 M EUR, which is a breakthrough in terms of Ships’ LNG fueling economics.

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