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VARD is growing fast, and is in need for more employees who are ready for new and exciting challenges. With us, you will have more than 10 000 skilled colleagues from different specialist environments and cultures. You will get a unique possibility to work in an international environment, and you will become an important part of the value chain from idea to finished product.

Our customers demand innovative solutions within designing and construction of the future´s offshore and specialized vessels. You may become a part of this work as an employer at one of our shipyards or special companies within design, electro, accommodation and piping installation. We have employees in Norway, Romania, Brazil, India, Vietnam and Singapore.
You can apply for a specific position from the list below, or you can submit a general application of interest in our talent database. Please click here to register your CV.
Each year, we accept new internships in our yards. The specialized area encompasses primarily mechanical, metallic and electrical tasks. The apprenticeships are concluded with a craft certificate.

Development of professional skills, and possibilities for continued education, are essential criteria for highly qualified job applicants.

That’s why we have placed high priority on these skills, in order to offer an active educational- and personnel development programme. Thus, all employees in VARD have equal opportunities to affect and form their individual careers.

In other words, the personnel manager and the employee can agree together on which courses and other education is appropriate, as well as which scholarships, travels and other efforts can be suitable for the worker.

VARD offers a wide variety of careers, both within a national context and an international context. Career development follows two main paths:

1. Development of functional expertise.
2. Development of careers into leadership roles.

Most careers within VARD are developed along the first paths through challenging assignments internally, and courses and programmes offered externally. Most of these development activities take place within a national context, but the assignment part for this career path will also take place within the international context of VARD.

The main path for leadership career development encompasses challenging assignments, starting from a functional role into more complex leadership roles. The national context is the starting point, but as you progress into more complex roles you will soon be exposed to international challenges.

To support personal growth through challenging assignments, the company encourages individuals to take part in external programs and courses. VARD also offers internal programs aiming to reach different target groups, from first–line managers to more executive levels and management.


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